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Welcome to the Winchester Baroque Dancers


* We are a friendly group who meet in Winchester and Southampton
* New members are welcome
* We are not all experts and you don't need either a costume or a partner
* Come and explore the fun and excitement of Baroque Dance


Why do we do it?

  • Our aim is to progress our skills in dance, both for our immediate enjoyment in dancing and to give dance performances to the public as opportunity may arise.

  • For fitness - dance improves your all-round physical ability, mental effectiveness and active longevity. If you play a sport like football or rugby, your resistance to injury will be significantly improved by having joints, muscles and movements that are better trained by dance. Dancers are capable of explosive, rapid movement and sensational spatial awareness.

  • We also have a lot of fun

Dancers welcoming you
You are welcome to our site


A theatre Performance
One of Barbara's Chalemie performances

Expert Tuition

Our teacher is Barbara Segal whose expertise is recognised throughout Europe

She is a specialist in Baroque Dance, teaching and performing the fashionable dance of Europe from about 1650 to 1750. This form of dance originated at the court of Louis XIV and became known as the French noble style, a highly stylised form of baroque dance. This elegant, graceful form of baroque dance rapidly spread throughout Europe.

She performs at outdoor events, at heritage sites and summer festivals, giving short performances. Recent events include an entertainment at Hever Castle, the Lancaster Georgian Fair, and the English Heritage Festival of History.

Barbara Segal is a director of Chalemie, a group of dancers and musicians whose performances range from concert presentations of baroque dance and music, to explorations into the theatrical side of early dance and music theatre from the dance and pantomime of eighteenth century London to the court spectaculars of earlier centuries.


Regular Friendly Meetings

When you start, this may all seem rather grand and some way in the future - so come to keep fit (it's better than the gym) and to enjoy the people and the dancing.

We meet twice a month, on Monday evenings, alternately in Winchester and Southampton.

Our members are men and women who meet and dance and socialise. We vary from expert dancers to total beginners. If you don't have a partner this is a good place to find one - if you do have a partner this is a good place to bring them.

It's good to dance together

An outdoor Performance
An outside teaching Event












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